Q&A with Bryan Harper

dmclemore@thestate.comJune 24, 2011 

OMAHA, Neb. | Bryan Harper finds the College World Series to be the perfect diversion from any worries about his looming decision.

The junior left-hander is a three-time MLB Draft pick, most recently earlier this month by the Washington Nationals in the 30th round. A trip to Omaha has kept his South Carolina career front and center.

Harper left the College of Southern Nevada last season for South Carolina despite being drafted in the 27th round by the Chicago Cubs. Harper played junior college ball with his younger brother Bryce, who was the first overall choice of the 2010 MLB Draft, also by the Nationals.

This week Harper has had his share of fun and games, including chasing down beach balls at TD Ameritrade Park and riding tricycles with teammate Colby Holmes after a practice at Creighton University.

How has your week in Omaha been?

It's been awesome. We got to go over to the Air Force base on Monday on our day off. We went to the children's hospital [Wednesday]. It's been a great time so far.

Is being in Omaha a validation of your decision to come to South Carolina?

Yes. This has always been my dream. Growing up I always watched Fullerton and Texas playing in the world series. That was one of my main reasons of coming back to school and not going to the pros, is coming here and being a part of this.

Was your brother one of your first calls when you got drafted?

Yeah, he was. He was pumped about it. I'm super excited if that does work out, then I'm going to be really happy to play with him again.

Does being in the world give you a break from worrying about the decision you have to make?

It does. It gets your mind off it. It lets you be back with your teammates.

Are you, Tyler Webb and the guys in the bullpen itching get out there and pitch on the big stage?

Yes, but that's life in the bullpen. If the starters are doing good, they're doing good. As long as we're winning, that's all that matters, especially in the bullpen.

You seem to always be in the middle of the fun this week.

You've got to enjoy it and make every moment count no matter what. If you're not having fun, you're not playing baseball.

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