Gamecocks move up in football rankings

GoGamecocks staff and wire reportsDecember 4, 2011 

South Carolina Gamecocks quarterback Connor Shaw (14) breaks free for a long run in the first quarter of the Gamecocks game against Clemson, at Williams-Brice Stadium, Saturday, November 26, 2011.


South Carolina is back in the top 10.

The Gamecocks (10-2) moved up four spots in The Associated Press Top 25 (to No. 10) and four spots in the USA Today Coaches Poll (to No. 9).

It is the first time the Gamecocks have been ranked in the top 10 at the end of the regular season since the 1987 squad was 8-3 and ranked ninth by the AP. That squad lost its Gator Bowl game to LSU and finished the season ranked 15th in the country.

South Carolina is No. 9 in the latest BCS standings, released Sunday night.

Alabama is No. 2 behind LSU and ahead of Oklahoma State in the latest AP college football poll.

The Cowboys cut deeply into the Crimson Tide's lead after beating Oklahoma 44-10 to earn the Big 12 title while Alabama was idle.

Last week the Tide received every second-place vote and 1,440 points, while Oklahoma State received 1,259 points. This week, the Tide received 38 second-place votes and 1,418 points and the Cowboys got 22 second-place votes and 1,400 points.

The final BCS standings will come out later Sunday. The AP poll is not used in the BCS standings. The Harris and coaches' polls are.

LSU is guaranteed to hold the top spot in the standings, but whether Alabama or Oklahoma State will be second is in question.

AP Top 25

1. LSU (60)13-01,5001
2. Alabama11-11,4182
3. Oklahoma St.11-11,4003
4. Stanford11-11,2834
5. Southern Cal10-21,1799
6. Oregon11-21,1708
7. Arkansas10-21,1486
8. Boise St.11-11,1079
9. Wisconsin11-21,03815
10. South Carolina10-294614
11. Kansas St.10-282916
12. Michigan St.10-373311
13. Michigan10-270717
14. Clemson10-366321
15. Baylor9-365619
16. TCU10-263218
17. Virginia Tech11-25915
18. Georgia10-356612
19. Oklahoma9-338613
20. Houston12-13707
21. Nebraska9-336320
22. Southern Miss.11-233624
23. West Virginia9-319922
24. Penn St.9-312923
25. Florida St.8-44925

Others receiving votes: Notre Dame 23, Cincinnati 22, Arkansas St. 18, BYU 12, Georgia Tech 7, N. Illinois 7, Missouri 5, Virginia 5, Tulsa 2, Louisville 1.

USA Today Coaches Poll

1. LSU (59)13-01,4751
2. Alabama11-11,3992
3. Oklahoma State11-11,3675
4. Stanford11-11,2864
5. Oregon11-21,2327
6. Boise State11-11,1288
7. Arkansas10-21,11210
8. Wisconsin11-21,08512
9. South Carolina10-297113
10. Kansas State10-287815
11. Virginia Tech11-28353
12. Michigan10-278916
13. Michigan State10-37359
14. Clemson10-365721
15. TCU10-263117
16. Baylor9-359918
17. Houston12-15426
18. Georgia10-353814
19. Oklahoma9-343711
20. Nebraska9-340219
21. Southern Mississippi11-236623
22. West Virginia9-327820
23. Penn State9-318922
24. Cincinnati9-39425
25. Florida State8-46824

Others receiving votes: Brigham Young 20; Northern Illinois 14; Missouri 11; Georgia Tech 10; Arkansas State 9; Notre Dame 9; Virginia 5; Louisiana Tech 2; Rutgers 1; Texas 1.

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