February 20

24 YEARS AGO TODAY: February 20, 1988

February 20, 2012 

In what had to be the most bizarre game ever witnessed at the Carolina Coliseum, the Gamecocks lost to Louisville 98-88 in double overtime.

Barry Manning’s reverse layup with only 1:22 left gave Carolina a seemingly insurmountable 14-point lead. But, after Louisville’s LaBradford Smith knocked down a three-pointer with 1:06 left, all heck broke loose! There was some pushing and shoving after the basket, causing both benches to clear, and a brawl ensued. USC’s Darryl Martin and Terry Gould were ejected, along with UL’s Smith and Herbert Crook.

Just when it looked like order had been restored, a USC fan reached over the scorer’s table and punched Crook. This action tacked on two more technical foul shots for Louisville, and caused the ejection of Coach George Felton (3rd team tech.). After the dust had settled, Louisville had made six of its eight free throws and Carolina had made only one of its four. This cut the lead to 73-67, with 1:06 left.

Carolina still led by three with only four seconds left, but UL’s Craig Hawley heaved in a shot from half-court to send the game to overtime. The Cardinals then went on to win the game in the second-overtime. Yes, the unthinkable had happened. The Cardinals had won, despite trailing by 14 with only 1:22 left in the game!

Compiled by Don Turner

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