Spotlight on: USC senior Damario Jeffery

March 22, 2012 

Damario Jeffery


Storyline: Five players are taking on new positions this spring. Damario Jeffery from spur moved to linebacker, and DeVonte Holloman moved to spur.

Height and weight: 6-foot-4, 233 pounds

Personal info: Jeffery is a senior from Columbia.

Depth chart: Jeffery is listed atop the Will linebacker spot on the pre-spring depth chart. He is expected to rotate this season with Quin Smith. Redshirt freshman Cedrick Cooper also is pushing for playing time.

Jersey number: 33

2011 stats: 14 tackles, one pass breakup

2010 stats: 35 tackles, three pass breakups, one fumble recovery

2009 stats: 15 tackles, one pass breakup


Q&A with Jeffery

What's different for you this spring?

It's a different coaching staff. They bring a lot of intensity. I love my coach and I love the other coaches they brought in. The only difference is I'm back at Will once again. We'll see if I stay here.

Do you think playing linebacker is permanent?

It should be permanent this time with me and Devonte requesting to play close to the line. If we go to the next level, that's where we're going to be at. It should be permanent. Both of us want to start, so we can't start behind each other.

Do you like playing outside linebacker?

I love playing outside linebacker. That's where I wanted to be two years ago. I would've loved to be there three years ago. I wanted to help the team last year so I moved back to spur.

What's the difference between your coaches - Ellis Johnson and Kirk Botkin?

Coach Botkin's not a D-coordinator. That's about it. They both bring high instensity. They coach you. They're going to tell you right then, right there what you messed up at and what you need to do better. They're great coaches. There's not too much difference. The only difference is their job title.


Kirk Botkin on Jeffery

"We're excited about him. He's a big, physical kid. He's going to earn the stripes in there just like everyone else. He's going to be running with the ones as camp starts. Shaq Wilson and Reggie Bowens, we're rotating them a the Mike spot because they're both seniors and they've both competed and they've both played for a long time. It's between Damario and Coop at the Will spot."

Compiled by Dwayne McLemore

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