Nunn overcomes injury to get chance at the pros

April 5, 2012 

Former South Carolina offensive tackle Kyle Nunn worked out at USC Pro Day for NFL scouts, coaches, agents, etc.


Offensive lineman Kyle Nunn worked out with 14 former Gamecocks last week in front of NFL talent evaluators at Williams-Brice Stadium.

Nunn missed much of last season with a back injury.

He checked in at pro day at 6-foot-5 3/8, and 294 pounds. His vertical was 25 inches, and his broad jump was 8 feet, 6 inches.

Here's what he had to say about the experience.

How was your pro day experience?

I had a decent day. It was good to be out here and have this opportunity. Today was mainly to show the scouts I'm healthy. The support is great from the guys who are still here, and also the guys that have already done this last year and the years before. It's good to have these guys out here, including the coaches.

How did you do overall at pro day?

Not so good inside. I did pretty decent in the drills.

Best advice someone gave you about today?

The best advice that I probably didn't use was to stay calm and act like it's a regular practice. I can play in front of 85,000 people and not get nervous. I'm out here in front of maybe 150 people and 32 different teams. I started off really shaky.

Any scouts discussed concerns over your health problems last season?

I've had a couple guys say it's amazing I'm out here competing.

How are you feeling?

Physically I feel good. I'm just ready for training camp.

What was it like to see Stephen Garcia again?

It's good. Me and him are pretty good buddies. I've been down to Tampa to visit him and his family and support him through the times he went through after he left here. I'm glad to see him out here competing. For a while there I didn't know if he was going to be able to come back because of the things that happened while he was here.

How have you kept in touch with him?

During training we'd text every other day and keep up with each other and make sure we're both doing the right things and staying on track. My concern was making sure he stayed on track. ... I know he was happy when he heard the cheers for his 40. That was good support.

Have any teams expressed interest in bringing you in as a free agent?

That's what my agent has been telling me, preferred free agent.

What's the transition like, going from all the obligations of being a student-athlete to working out as a full-time job?

It's definitely different. You have a lot more spare time than you do when you're a student-athlete. Filling those times with things that are productive up until this day is the hardest part from going from having a full schedule. Having to eat meals, it's mandatory here. When you move on, you have to remember: I've got to train, got to eat, got to train, got to eat. You've got to do what you can to get in the best shape you can.

You went to Atlanta to work out?

I left right after the bowl game and rode back with a teammate's family, Davis Moore's family. I appreciate everything they've done for me, letting me stay with them for eight weeks.

Were you 100 percent when you got there?

Physically, yes. I was a little heavy, about 311. The first couple weeks, I dropped down way too small, about 290. I've been trying to get that weight back, the good weight. I'm 294 right now. I was hoping to be around 300 or 305. It's hard to get it back on.

What are your expectations in this process?

I just hope to get into camp and take it from there.

Compiled by Dwayne McLemore

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