Campbell shows off strength for NFL scouts

April 7, 2012 

Terrence Campbell

Offensive lineman Terrence Campbell worked out with 14 former Gamecocks last week in front of NFL talent evaluators at Williams-Brice Stadium.

He checked in at pro day at 6-foot-2 5/8, and 304 pounds. His vertical was 29 inches, and his broad jump was 8 feet, 9 1/2 inches.

Campbell led all Gamecocks in the bench press with 34 reps of 225 pounds.

Here's what he had to say about the experience.

What was your pro day experience like?

It feels great to be back out here. I've recovered with my leg, 100 percent. Just being able to go through everything felt real good. I give all the thanks to the man above. It's a blessing.

When did you recover from your leg injury?

The middle of February, I started feeling 100 percent. I've just been rolling since then.

What advice did you get about pro day?

Just go in and just play just how you did in college. I've got a lot of guys in the NFL that I can call and ask questions. I've got a lot of teammates that are going in this year. It's going to be an exciting time for us.

Were you nervous at all?

I was a little nervous. Once I got going, everything just blanked out. There was nobody here. It was just me and the drill and my teammates.

What are your expectations of the draft process?

My agent told me I'm expected to go in the fifth round to the seventh round. If not, I'll definitely get picked up in free agency. It's a great opportunity no matter when I go or where I go. I'm going to be blessed and make the best of my situation.

What did scouts want to see the most during pro day?

My lateral movement. They wanted to see that I can move well laterally. I think I showed up really good.

Talk about working out here at Williams-Brice Stadium one last time.

It was great being with all the fellows. Forget about all the work out here on the field. Just being together and clowning and joking and just to be back all together, that's a lot of fun.

All 32 NFL teams were out at pro day. What does that say about the USC program? That coach Spurrier is putting together a great program. From recruiting, he always had a dream and an idea. It just seems like it all is coming together right here. This is one of the best classes. We had a great season this year, the best season in Carolina history. It just shows that we're on the rise.

What's next?

We'll see what happens. I'll keep working out. Hopefully I'll get some workouts with some teams. I'm going to keep moving and looking forward. It's an exciting time.

Compiled by Dwayne McLemore

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