Swearinger leads as his injury heals

jkendall@thestate.comApril 11, 2012 

D.J. Swearinger made a rare post-practice appearance in front of the media after Tuesday afternoon’s practice.

Swearinger, who is sitting out this spring after having surgery on his foot, has been publicly quiet most of the spring. However, that has not been the case on the field.

Even while wearing a protective walking boot (which he got out of last week) Swearinger has been a constant presence on the practice field, not practicing but encouraging the defense and chirping at the offensive players when the defense gets the best of a drill. "I’m just being the leader that I am," he said. "Regardless of if I am on the field or not, I just have to lead."

But that’s not what has impressed me most about Swearinger. It’s his hands.

Swearinger made two very athletic interceptions last season, and he’s showed off his hands again this spring. On more than one occasion, he has snagged a tipped ball that appeared to be heading out of play. "I always have had confidence in my hands," he said. "I believe I catch better than a lot of receivers."

Swearinger will return to action this summer during the team’s passing drills, he said. In fact, he believes he’ll be full speed by May despite the fact that the only running he’s doing now is in the rehab pool.

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