Spring spotlight: USC quarterback Seth Strickland

April 12, 2012 

Seth Strickland

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Seth Strickland is in the mix for the backup quarterback job after a solid spring.

The senior from Laurens has handled the holder duties on field goals the last two seasons.

Though he wasn’t listed among the four quarterbacks on the pre-spring depth chart, Strickland is competing with sophomore Dylan Thompson for the backup role, Steve Spurrier said.

Strickland has two career completions, including a 15-yard touchdown toss to Ace Sanders against Troy in 2010.


Class: senior

Hometown: Laurens, S.C.

High school: Laruens

Height, Weight: 6-2, 195

Position: holder, quarterback

Jersey number: 11


Q&A with Seth Strickland

How do you think you're doing this spring?

I just try to be consistent every time I’m put in there. I’ve got a lot of improvement to do and I’ve got a long time until the fall. I have to keep that in mind.

When coach Spurrier says good things about you to the media, do you hear about those comments?

Friends say stuff to you. I don’t take it lightly but I keep in mind that there’s still a long time until the fall. It’s going to be a battle every day, and we’ve got a lot of good quarterbacks.

Is it a goal of yours to earn a scholarship for your senior year?

Of course it would be nice. I can do the math. We’ve got 85 scholarships and a hundred and whatever people. We’ll see how it goes.

How much pride do you take in your set role as the holder?

It’s something I picked up and the field goal unit as a whole. There’s a lot of comfort in there. The field goal is a big part of it and it gets overlooked a lot of times. As we know it won a couple games for us last year. If you look around the country it can lose games for you. It’s an important part. I take pride it in.

With all the quarterbacks, are you the funny one, the serious one, or what?

It’s my fourth year. I try to keep it light out there. I try to teach everybody, too. I’ve seen a lot out here. With the new guys, I try to be a helping hand to them. I let them know it’s not the end of the world if they do something bad. And if you do something good, keep it mind and try to do it again.

What have you tried to work on this spring?

Coach always says to get more zip on it, work on tightening up the motion. I think my knowledge of the offense is pretty good, so everything else. You never stop with quarterback fundamentals.

What were your goals coming into this spring?

Just to play the best I can, just come out every day. What happens happens. You can’t really control it. I can’t control when I go in there. But I can control what I do when I get in there.


Steve Spurrier on Seth Strickland

“He knows where to throw it, and he’s a real smart kid. As we all know, 75-80 percent of playing quarterback is between the ears and Seth has that part. Wish he had a little more zip on the ball here, there and the other, but he knows what to do.”

Compiled by Dwayne McLemore

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