Video: Spurrier talks LSU, player injuries, more

October 9, 2012 

A roundup of news and notes from Steve Spurrier's weekly press conference, held Tuesday at Williams-Brice Stadium.

... Spurrier said Akeem Auguste and Byron Jerideau could miss the LSU game with ankle sprains. Offensive lineman Mike Matulis should be ready to play this week."

... Spurrier, asked if he likes the gray Battle uniforms: "The players like them." As Spurrier tells it, Under Armour dictated which game South Carolina would wear the new uniform. When season is over, as a bowl gift, the team can give the jerseys to the players.

... Spurrier on the margin of victory against Georgia: "You don't know what's going to happen in games. When one team gets hot and scores the first two or three possessions and you've got an excellent defense, it can happen like that. You don't ever plan for it to happen like that." Spurrier said USC plans for games to go down to the wire.

... Spurrier praised key catches from Damiere Byrd and D.L. Moore vs. Geogia. He also praised Damiere Byrd's third touchdown-saving tackle on special teams. "Damiere is a valuable player on our team. Those little things you don't write as much about in the newspaper."

... Spurrier on Connor Shaw: "He can make all the throws. He's a good passer." On Shaw's running, "When he gets a small opening, he can make 8 or 9 or 10 yards."

... Spurrier on whether or not the team could take over the No. 1 ranking. "That's not something we've been thinking about. Have you seen our schedule?"

... Spurrier, on the current stretch of tough games: "It's a challenge what we're going through as far as playing all these ranked teams. That's the way it is. We're looking forward to it."

... Spurrier said Jadeveon Clowney has handled the publicity surrounding his stardom well since he's been at USC: "We all know he is a three-year player, which is fine."

... Spurrier said the team has not set permanent captains, still going game-by-game, mostly older guys.

... Spurrier said coaches haven't talked yet to players about the LSU stadium atmosphere: "They know it will be loud and crazy and all that stuff. We've won in front of 90,000 before."

... Spurrier on the LSU stadium: "Most our players have never been to Death Valley. That is the Death Valley isn’t it? Is there another one around here?"

... Spurrier on the LSU atmosphere: "We won’t be able to audible like we did last week. Last week we changed a bunch of plays."

... Spurrier on the live LSU tiger: "The tiger doesn't play defense or offense for them, not yet anyways. They do keep it caged up."

... Spurrier noted that LSU is first in the conference in pass defense. LSU plays more man-to-man coverage than USC has seen. "They're just real sound. Most good defenses are real sound. Most good defenses have good athletes."

... Spurrier on the LSU game: "If we're to have a chance to beat them, our defense will have to play real well."

... Spurrier: "We are getting some national attention. That’s what we all like, but it can turn south on you if you don’t watch it. We're trying to guard against going south. This is a good team that could do some stuff, but we've got a lot of good teams to play."

... Spurrier on wanting to get more passes to Bruce Ellington, Ace Sanders, Damiere Byrd: "We've been fortunate to get ahead and give the ball to Marcus [Lattimore] and Kenny Miles, which seems about the best way to win the game. ... Our receivers know whatever the best way to win it is what we're all about. I always hope to get more passes to those guys. They're good players."

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