Neil White’s weekly SEC-ACC team rankings

November 14, 2012 

University of South Carolina fans get pumped up as the Gamecocks take the field against Arkansas at Williams-Brice Stadium.


Neil White’s weekly rankings of the SEC and ACC are a thoroughly unscientific compilation. No computer programs were used and no votes were taken to assemble this list of best to worst in the SEC and ACC.

1. ALABAMA (9-1)

Tide loses but hard to say who should pass them.

2. GEORGIA (9-1)

Dawgs get their crack at ‘Bama in SEC title game.

3. FLORIDA (9-1)

Miracle win keeps season from sinking in Swamp.

4. LSU (8-2)

There’s not much difference between top SEC teams.

5. TEXAS A&M (8-2)

Johnny Quarterback finds way to stem the Tide.


Close win over Hokies shows weakness of ACC.

7. CLEMSON (9-1)

Tigers are looking for payback against N.C. State.


It’s going to be a Palmetto State of mind to finish.


A brutal stretch of schedule leads to three straight losses.

10. VANDERBILT (6-4)

Commodores going bowling. Let’s rent some shoes!

11. MISSOURI (5-5)

Thrilling win over Vols makes Tigers feel like they belong.

12. OLE MISS (5-5)

Loss to Vandy will jeopardize Rebels’ shot at bowl game.

13. N.C. STATE (6-4)

It’s safe to say this team has multiple personalities.

14. ARKANSAS (4-6)

The “L” in John L. Smith stands for loss.


Heels give up 68 points. That’s football, not basketball.

16. MIAMI (5-5)

Stunning loss to Virginia mucks up Coastal race.

17. TENNESSEE (4-6)

No SEC wins makes orange pants a fashion no-no.


Close loss to FSU is no consolation prize.

19. DUKE (6-4)

After off-week, showdown with Georgia Tech looms.

20. GEORGIA TECH (5-5)

Can you believe Duke game will have meaning?

21. VIRGINIA (4-6)

Two straight big wins put Cavs on road to recovery.

22. WAKE FOREST (5-5)

Deacons mauled by ‘Pack as bowl hopes slip away.

23. MARYLAND (4-6)

What’s uglier? Is it their uniforms or their losses?

24. AUBURN (2-8)

Things are so bad, national title may have to be returned.


Eagles lose again but show how weak Notre Dame is.

26. KENTUCKY (1-9)

Big news, everyone, Kentucky tied the bye week.

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