NFL Combine recap: How the Gamecocks fared

jkendall@thestate.comMarch 2, 2013 


How USC players did at the NFL Combine this past week in Indianapolis (*One of top performances at his position at this year’s combine) :


Tight End

Measurements: 6-foot-3, 258 pounds, 33 7/8-inch arms, 10-inch hands

40-yard dash: 4.94 seconds

Bench press (225 pounds): Did not bench at combine

Vertical jump: 31.5 inches

Broad jump: 116 inches*

3-cone drill: 7.12 seconds

20-yard shuttle: 4.45 seconds draft grade: 63

Josh Norris, NFL Draft analyst for, says: “He’s a blocker. At 4.94, he’s not going to get confused with a receiver. Cunningham will have to make his career on the blocking side, but a lot of third tight ends are like that in the NFL.”


Running back

Measurements: 5-foot-11, 221 pounds, 32 1/2-inch arms, 9 7/8-inch hands

Did not work out at the combine due to knee injury draft grade: 74.9



Measurements: 6-foot-1, 243 pounds, 32 1/2-inch arms, 10-inch hands

40-yard dash: 4.76 seconds

Bench press (225 pounds): 15 reps

Vertical jump: 33 inches

Broad jump: 113 inches

3-cone drill: 7.30 seconds

20-yard shuttle: 4.26 seconds* draft grade: 70.5

Norris says: “I thought he was going to run better, but I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. That just means he plays at that speed or faster. I really like him as a prospect. He could work his way up to a productive player.”


Offensive line

Measurements: 6-foot-4, 310 pounds, 33 1/2-inch arms, 9 1/2-inch hands

40-yard dash: 5.33 seconds

Vertical jump: 25.5 inches

Broad jump: 96 inches

3-cone drill: 7.83 seconds

20-yard shuttle: 4.74 seconds draft grade: 59

Norris says: “There were a lot of evaluators liking him in the Shrine Game. I wasn’t expecting positive or negative numbers. He was middle of the road. He didn’t hurt himself.”


Wide receiver/Kick returner

Measurements: 5-foot-7, 173 pounds, 29 1/2-inch arms, 8 7/8-inch hands

40-yard dash: 4.58 seconds

Bench press (225 pounds): 7 repetitions

Vertical jump: 32 inches

Broad jump: 117 inches

3-cone drill: 6.81 seconds

20-yard shuttle: 4.37 seconds draft grade: 68

Norris says: “(His 40-yard dash) was not surprising to me. He’s more of a quick-twitch player than a guy who is going to light you up with straight-line speed. His cuts are what creates separation instead of just running away from people.”



Measurements: 5-foot-10, 208 pounds, 32 3/8-inch arms, 9 1/2-inch hands

40-yard dash: 4.67 seconds

Bench press (225 pounds): 17 repetitions

Vertical jump: 37 inches

Broad jump: 124 inches

3-cone drill: 6.7 seconds*

20-yard shuttle: 4.11 seconds draft grade: 81.4

Norris says: “To me at safety, if you’re in the 4.6 range, that’s really good. His 3-cone, I think that shows more. The Patriots look for corners that are good with their 3-cone. Swearinger showed that he can play cornerback, but that’s not his game.”


Defensive line/LB

Measurements: 6-foot-7, 266 pounds, 36-inch arms, 10 3/8-inch hands

40-yard dash: 4.72 seconds

Bench press (225 pounds): 14 repetitions

Vertical jump: 35 inches*

Broad jump: 128 inches*

3-cone drill: 6.89 seconds*

20-yard shuttle: 4.3 seconds draft grade: 62.9

Norris says: “That (3-cone) puts him in an elite group since 2006. For someone of his frame, it really shocked me. Honestly, I thought he was going to have to add weight and be a power rusher just because of (lack of) bend. I don’t know if he can just show that in workouts or if he can apply that to the field because I didn’t see it (in games).”

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