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Forbes: USC 17th most valuable team

From Staff ReportsMay 15, 2013 

South Carolina players enter the field as "2001" plays in the background during the 2013 Garnet & Black Game at Williams-Brice Stadium.


South Carolina ranked 17th among the most valuable college football teams in 2012 with a value of $67 million, according to Forbes Magazine.

The Gamecocks’ value increased by 5 percent over 2011. USC’s football profit in 2012 was $26 million.

USC is one of eight SEC teams in the top 20 on Forbes’ list — the most from any conference. The LSU Tigers are the most valuable football team in the SEC with a value of $102 million, according to Forbes. But Georgia had the largest football profit of any SEC team with $52 million.

The Big Ten was next with six schools in the top 20, led by Michigan with a value of $120 million and a football profit of $62 million. Michigan showed the biggest increase in value from 2011, up 28 percent. Another Big Ten team, Penn State, suffered the largest drop on the list, with its value decreasing by 21 percent.

Texas, with its own Longhorns Network, was first on the Forbes list with a value of $133 million and a football profit of $78 million.

Forbes’ college football valuations use a scoring system to measure the value created by each team for four areas: the team’s university (academics), athletics department, conference and local community. For example, conference value is the distribution of bowl game payouts to fellow conference members, according to the magazine.

Forbes, which used financial data from the 2011-12 fiscal year, says it standardizes revenues and expenses to account for differences in methods of reporting financial data to the Department of Education.

MOST VALUABLE TEAMS The college football team valuations are made by Forbes Magazine and are based on the 2012 season. The percent change is from 2011.
1. Texas$133M3%$78M
2. Michigan$120M28%$62M
3. Notre Dame$103M-8%$43M
4. LSU$102M6%$45M
5. Georgia$99M10%$52M
6. Alabama$95M3%$45M
7. Florida$94M9%$51M
8. Auburn$84M-5%$44M
9. Arkansas$84M-5%$40M
10. Nebraska$82M6%$36M
11. Tennessee$82M-1%$33M
12. Oklahoma$80M-8%$36M
13. Penn State$79M-21%$36M
14. Wisconsin$76M13%$24M
15. Oregon$74MN/A$32M
16. Southern Cal$68M10%$29M
17. South Carolina$67M5%$26M
18. Washington$64MN/A$28M
19. Michigan State$63M7%$31M
20. Ohio State$63M-20%$24M

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