Too close to call for Crosby Jr.

May 22, 2013 

Kevin "K.C." Crosby


TE KC Crosby of Bamberg-Ehrhardt is set to announce his college choice at noon June 1.

As of Tuesday night, he had not made his decision, according to his father and coach Butch Crosby.

"He's still up in the air, still getting information," Crosby Sr. said. "He'll go to that Saturday morning. I told him I don't want to know until that Saturday."

Crosby Jr. had his list down to USC, Clemson, North Carolina and Alabama, but his father said Florida is now a factor.

"Florida got back in it," the coach said. "Coach [Brad] Lawing came down and then the tight ends coach came down."

USC recruiter Everette Sands attended Crosby's spring game last Thursday, and Clemson recruiter Marion Hobby was by last Monday.

"He might go to Clemson this weekend, but that's not definite," Crosby Sr. said.

The coach previously named USC as the favorite for his son, but a favorite is not as clear to him now.

"South Carolina has made a great push but I don't know where that stands," he said. "Alabama made a big push here at the end. Clemson is trying to make a push, and North Carolina is definitely trying to make a push. North Carolina has made the biggest push."

Outside of the possible visit to Clemson, Crosby Jr. has no plans to visit any other school before his announcement.

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