Gamecocks rank high in many preseason football polls

June 27, 2013 

South Carolina and Clemson are two of 10 schools ranked in the top 15 of 11 different preseason college football publications.

The range of USC’s ranking is from third by Sporting News to 14th by Phil Steele with an average ranking of 7.9 — seventh best.

The range of Clemson’s ranking is from sixth by Athlon and to 15th by Phil Steele with an average ranking of 9.45 — ninth best.

Alabama is the consensus No. 1. The two-time defending champions are ranked first in nine of the 11 polls. CBS Sportsline and have Alabama ranked second. Ohio State is the number-one team in those polls.

The Associated Press, USA Today Coaches and Sports Illustrated Magazine polls will be released in August.

From Staff Reports


The Gamecocks ranked in the Top 15 of 11 college football preseason polls:

School Steele Athlon Lindy SN USA CBS BR ESPN Fox Scout Avg.
1. Alabama111112121111.2
2. Ohio State222521212242.3
3. Oregon534855533464.6
4. Texas A&M1395773364325.6
5. Stanford11732344561535.7
6. Georgia94612469757117.3
7. USC 14 5 9 3 11 7 7 8 8 8 7 7.9
8. Louisville710101112106410588.5
9. Clemson15679812101296109.5
10. Notre Dame1081410141181071159.8

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