Clowney, Byrd return to practice after 'communication problem'

dcloninger@thestate.comAugust 13, 2013 

USC compliance says that there should be no issue with Jadeveon Clowney autographed items.


— The world spun back on its axis and South Carolina’s fans let out a collective sigh of relief.

Steve Spurrier blamed his Monday comments, where he questioned if Jadeveon Clowney, Bruce Ellington and Damiere Byrd were going to be healthy enough to play the season-opener on Aug. 29, on miscommunication.

Rankled that the three were not at Monday’s practice, at least watching their teammates while recuperating from injuries, Spurrier said on Tuesday that nobody had told the three that they were supposed to be there. Clowney (bruised shoulder), Ellington (hamstring) and Byrd (hamstring) have been battling injuries, but Spurrier was apparently displeased with what the three were doing instead of watching practice.

“Jadeveon’s doing fine, Bruce is doing fine, Damiere is doing fine,” Spurrier said after Tuesday’s morning practice. “They had a communication problem, they didn’t know they were supposed to be out here watching practice, so I’m the dummy on that. Now they know they’re going to be out here watching practice. We had a communication problem and we’re ready to go.”

Clowney and Byrd practiced. Ellington did not. But all were at the Bluff Road fields.

“All three of them were out here. They did not all practice. They’re injured,” Spurrier said. “They weren’t in the locker room jivin’ around and playing on their cell phones, like they were last night. That’s my fault.”

So will all three of them be ready for Aug. 29? Spurrier wasn’t sure, although if Clowney and Byrd practiced on Tuesday, it seems they would be fine to play if the game was tomorrow.

“I don’t know. They weren’t practicing,” Spurrier said. “Sometimes those hamstring injuries can linger and linger. If these other guys out here look like they’re ready, we’ll play them.”

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