Cloninger Soundoff: Maybe a depth chart is just a depth chart

Posted on August 25, 2013 

Jody Fuller


A big part of the preseason has been receiver Jody Fuller. Coach Steve Spurrier repeatedly has praised the redshirt freshman from Charlotte, raving about his ability to get open and his penchant for performing the best under the lights (or in the preseason, scrimmage situations).

Then the depth chart comes out, and Fuller is third-string behind Damiere Byrd and Bruce Ellington at one of the three spots.

Perhaps I’m looking at it too harshly.

Ellington’s been hurt for most of the preseason, but Spurrier said on Sunday that he should be ready to play, and he had to be put somewhere. Him being placed below Byrd perhaps pushed Fuller down to third just because Fuller also had to be somewhere.

And then there’s the simplest answer — it’s just a depth chart.

Shoot, Busta Anderson is listed as the starting tight end, but Spurrier said on Sunday that it’s doubtful he plays, after being out as long as Ellington and not practicing Saturday.

With all the inexperience in the receiving corps — Pharoh Cooper, who just switched to offense two weeks ago, is listed as Nick Jones’ backup — the coaches most likely will try to give everyone they can a snap or two on Thursday.

Whoever does the best gets a leg up for the next game, which also could favor Fuller.

I’m betting on the latter. It’s a depth chart, able to be changed daily.

Fuller, to my eye, certainly has earned a spot.

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