Cloninger Soundoff: The ball is in Aaron Murray’s court – or hands

Posted on September 4, 2013 

Georgia’s senior quarterback has a lot facing him this week. The Bulldogs lose this one, their national championship hopes are hanging by a thread, if not severed into the yarn pile of other contenders. He’s never beaten South Carolina in his three years of starting, and he’s gained a reputation for playing badly in the biggest games of his career.

It was going to be hard enough trying to beat the Gamecocks, considering they know how much a win could help them in their quest for an SEC championship, that they’ve won three straight over the Bulldogs and don’t have any of the issues facing Georgia – most notably losing their opener. Now Murray has to balance the following – proving he can win a big game; proving he can pick up his team after a loss; and proving that he isn’t scared.

The last may be the most important, because it may be the X-factor in determining a win or a loss. USC’s Jadeveon Clowney flat-out called Murray a chicken at SEC Media Days, and after watching Georgia’s porous pass protection against Clemson, Clowney has to be licking his chops.

Murray said he’s not scared of Clowney, that he respects him but isn’t afraid. He has one last chance to show it.

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