'Solid to South Carolina': Bryson Allen-Williams' mom issues statement

GoGamecocks staff reportsJanuary 19, 2014 

Bryson Allen-Williams

DWAYNE MCLEMORE — dmclemore@thestate.com

Four-star linebacker and South Carolina commitment Bryson Allen-Williams spent the weekend on his official visit with the Gamecocks. It's other trips he may or may not take that have been the hot topic on social media and message boards.

Allen-Williams, from Cedar Grove High in Ellenwood, Ga., committed to USC in April and is considered by many to be the face of the 2014 class with the way he has helped build the group through social media and other interactions.

He plans to take an official visit to Alabama next weekend might do the same at Georgia the following weekend. He visited UCLA in November and has had the Alabama trip planned for months.

National Signing Day is Feb. 5, a little more than two weeks away.

He said via Twitter: "I'm taking other visits because recruiting only happens once , I'll never be able to have this much fun again in my life. I'm #AllGamecock."

Allen-Williams' mother, Darnisha Allen-Jackson, issued the follow statement:

“Do not make this visit to Georgia something that is more than it is. Bryson is as solid as he can be to South Carolina. It is a free trip on Georgia’s dime. It is a free trip on Alabama’s dime. And as two coaches told me recently, you’ve got to understand if he has the opportunity to do well in the SEC, and he makes it to the next level, you never know who you’re going to run into, and he could run into one of these guys who may be a professional coach, and they’ll be like, ‘oh, this kid spurned me, this kid acted like a diva, or a prima donna with me.’

“However, I will say this, if he decides to take the Georgia visit, don’t take that to mean that he’s flipping to Georgia. This is not a Brendan Langley situation. I’ve just got to put that out there. This is not a Brendan Langley, this is not a Matt Rolin, it’s not all these other names that have been thrown out. Bryson is as solid as he can be to South Carolina.”

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