A game of inches at the NFL Combine

Posted by JOSH KENDALL on February 21, 2014 

Connor Shaw

TRACY GLANTZ — tglantz@thestate.com

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – You’re going to hear a lot today about length, length of quarterbacks and their hands specifically.
    In the hyper sensitive world of the NFL and its no-pebble-unturned talent evaluation system, it’s a big deal that Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel didn’t quite measure 6-feet tall (5-11.75) and that Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater’s hands measured just 9.25 inches. Central Florida quarterback Blake Bortles’ hands measured one-eighth of an inch larger than Bridgewater’s is a big deal here.
    South Carolina quarterback Connor Shaw will be measured today, but he’s already confident he will cross the 6-foot measurement thanks to the week he spent at the NFLPA game in California, where he measured a robust 6-foot and one-half inch.
    “I was praying I was going to be 6. If I was 5-11, that would have been a knock on me,” Shaw said.
    It will be interesting to see if the tape measure here turns out the same measurement on Shaw here today. Gamecock Bruce Ellington also will take his turn with the tape today. He was listed as 5-foot-9 throughout his South Carolina career. We’ll see how he measures up today.

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