Stanford, Day 3

Posted by David Cloninger on March 28, 2014 

Asia Dozier, left, and Xylina McDaniel in their days at Spring Valley High.


“Fill my eyes with that double vision.”
------------------------------------------ FOREIGNER

FREMONT, Ca. – Cranking out the pooge for the next couple of days, of course it’s full of the familiar storylines.

The Carolinas. The game already this year. The familiarity of the rosters – North Carolina has three South Carolina natives and starts two.

What struck me is how similar the two rosters already are to each other, and how this rivalry should continue into the future. The Gamecocks and Tar Heels are each young. Nobody starts a senior. Each has stars that are freshmen and sophomores. In the women’s game, where one-and-dones are thankfully a non-factor, these are players that will be around for a few years.

UNC is responsible for starting this USC wave of success. Three years ago, after watching this program build and grow, I came into the preseason thinking this was going to be their year. It really took off after that beatdown of the Tar Heels at the beach.

The two didn’t play last year, because the game butted right up against another non-conference game the Gamecocks couldn’t move. It obviously re-started this year. It’s a game that I believe Dawn Staley wants to keep playing – it’s always on a neutral court and it’s a very good measuring stick for the program before SEC play starts.

This game will be interesting. UNC is playing its best, while USC played its best game in a while against Oregon State. With so much at stake and some personal feelings on the line, who wins this one?

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