Cloninger Soundoff: Gamecocks need to play mean

Posted by DAVID CLONINGER on March 29, 2014 

NCAA South Carolina Basketball

South Carolina guard Khadijah Sessions (5) waits for a drill under the basket during practice at the NCAA college basketball tournament in Stanford, Calif., Saturday, March 29, 2014. South Carolina plays North Carolina in a regional semifinal on Sunday.


— South Carolina hasn’t had to do it very often this season, and never for a full game. The Gamecocks have mostly been more talented than teams and never had to bring anything extra.

That’s over now. Now, and in every game going forward, USC has to play mean.

They did it in that comeback against A&M, one that fell just short. They did it against Oregon State on the defensive end.

They’re going to have to do it every minute from here on. The talent will be equaled and it’s going to come down to who wants it more.

Penn State, Stanford and North Carolina spoke on Saturday about being relaxed and loose. What USC needs to do is channel a nasty attitude along with what got it here.

Not having it may be enough.

With it would be unstoppable.

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