For Sale: Gamecock history you can walk on

dcloninger@thestate.comJune 14, 2014 

They all remember where Antonio Grant picked up that loose ball and shot a buzzer-beating 3-pointer against Cincinnati.

Ditto almost every one of BJ McKie’s program-high 2,119 points, and even where Maryland coach Lefty Driesell was-or-was-not socked upside the head by John Ribock.

Mention those to a South Carolina basketball fan and most of them could walk to the exact spots on the court where they happened.

Want to own them?

“That’s got to be the coolest piece of memorabilia that’s ever been available for sale to the public,” Dylan Johnson said. “When I first opened it up, I thought that was the biggest Gamecock logo I ever saw.”

Johnson recently purchased an entire former basketball court from South Carolina. A large 3-point-line to 3-point-line Gamecock logo is painted in the middle, with a garnet-and-black motif decorating the end zones and sidelines. Johnson is attempting to sell the entire floor at once (his Craigslist ad is asking for $98,000) but if nobody takes him up on the full product, he’ll consider selling the floor in sections.

“The concern is, we sell one panel, now we don’t have a complete floor,” Johnson said. “So we’re hoping somebody would buy the whole thing. I can envision a sports bar or night club with that entire Gamecock logo intact. Put it on the ceiling, so nobody walks on it and ruins it. ‘Carolina’ on both sidelines, or behind the bar.”

Johnson, who works for an industrial fabrication company, was randomly perusing auctions one day and came upon the old floor. USC was selling it so Johnson dropped by to take a look – impressed by what he saw, especially when it was viewed in its entirety for the Frank McGuire reception last season, he decided to pull the trigger.

“There had been a church interested in a rec room, something they could put down for their gym,” Johnson said. “A high school had come to look at it. People expected to use it for the floor. I figure they’ll want to buy it for memorabilia.”

The old floor had been sitting in Carolina Coliseum collecting dust, only used for practice during the season (the Gamecock women’s team did play on it in a game in 2013 when Colonial Life Arena was booked). USC was looking to sell it, and Johnson had a great idea.

He bought it and started looking at selling it. He’s had interest from folks who want one or two pieces, and will consider that, but is first trying to sell the entire floor at once.

“If we get enough people lined up saying they want to buy just one panel, 15 or 20 people, we would have enough to do that,” Johnson said. “I’m still trying to decide what the actual price structure would be, maybe $500-1,000 per panel.”

If Johnson does decide to sell the floor in pieces, each is a 4x8 piece of hardwood maple that weighs 140 pounds. He could sell them ready to hang on walls, with a bracket attached to the floor and a bracket to install on the wall, or perhaps in a way where a table could be made of them.

“Someone could come along and say, ‘I want the whole Gamecock,’ then we would immediately start selling off the others,” Johnson said. “It’s unique. There is no other Coliseum floor. I’m loving the interest. People are enthusiastic about it.”

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